Masterclass 1 – Mind Detox: Way to Exceed Excellence

Ektaa‘s Masterclass enables you to experience a powerful framework to re-engineer your thoughts, boost your wellbeing and become a super performer at work and life.

While Body Detox is something we do regularly and know its significance too. But how many of us Detox our Mind which is responsible for running the body and is more vital for our well-being? In her Masterclass, Ektaa will talk about the ways how one can Detox the Mind from all the unconstructive and non-beneficial thoughts that one creates due to overthinking, worrying and self limiting beliefs etc, in personal or professional life.

How does Mind Detox Help? It helps in balancing and stabilizing our mind and emotions thus helping in taking the right decisions, generating new ideas, building relationships, reducing fatigue-stress and anxiety. Excellence is achieved and excelled when our mind’s true potential is unleashed.