inner self transformation specialist

As a Inner-Self Transformation Specialist, I not only help you find solutions to your issues but also help you get more out of your life, reach your maximum potential and commit to excellence in all endeavors you might take - Ektaa

It is all about how our sub-conscious affects and manages our conscious mind. Our life’s decisions, actions, behaviors all come from the Sub- conscious part of our mind. Our Subconscious is far more powerful than our conscious mind as it contains all the data related to our experiences, beliefs, judgments, feelings and all those thoughts that direct us to lead a life. This data leads to programming our mind in either a positive way or a negative way. For instance when you experience a positive event, the feelings, emotions or beliefs associated with the event gets triggered and that’s when our subconscious programs our conscious mind to act in a positive way. Similarly if it’s an event where you got scared as a child, the feelings associated with it will get triggered and again your subconscious will program your conscious mind to act in the manner it has always acted. So if you have negative programming in your subconscious related to any event, 95% of the time you will recreate those negative experiences in your life.

Now how do we get out of this perpetual sequence of actions where our old negative programs or blockages cease to govern our conscious mind?

Ektaa has curated specific systems and techniques that can help you to break away from recurring and restraining patterns or inhibiting belief systems, old suppressing habits or any other mental blocks. She has combined her immense wealth of knowledge and skills that she has gained over the years with the genuine desire to create harmony in the lives of the people.

These techniques are very practical and realistic in nature and have proven to be extremely powerful and very relevant to many areas of Life - Personal or Professional, Emotional, Health, Growth, Financial etc.

Ektaa’s aim is to guide and empower you to discover a beautiful path of life towards happiness and well-being while emerging from any challenging situation stronger, wiser, healthier and happier.

Ektaa’s Format For Inner Self Transformation -

Ektaa’s Format For Inner Self Transformation -