Know me

Ektaa works by healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level bringing the body, mind and soul into balance and harmony; while making it stronger and empowering it to take on any ordeals of life and create further opportunities for growth and success.

Ektaa has an instinctive and an intuitive ability to connect with people’s energies and that gives her an extra edge as a Gifted Energy Healer, International Meditation Expert, Inner-self Transformation Specialist and a Counselor.

A postgraduate in Human Resources, she began her career as a Learning & Development Specialist. She is also a certified Wellness and Life Coach, and a Master Practitioner & Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) approved by American Board of NLP. Ektaa has committed herself to help individuals, business leaders, professionals and executives create meaning in their own lives and their work by connecting who they are to what they do.

Her passion lies in helping people overcome challenges in their personal or professional lives, and expand their knowledge gained while experiencing life. She helps people to experientially challenge the deepest beliefs, re-examine the objective knowledge, and discover solutions for positive and lasting transformation.

Being a natural gifted healer with inborn psychic and intuitive abilities she found her true calling; realizing it was her mission to help people. Her true strength comes from deep meditation of the Divine.

Ektaa works on several dimensions of wellness such as -

How it all began

As a child I had always felt that I was very close to the Gods (or the Supreme Energy, as many may say). I saw them in my dreams regularly, as a child and as a young adult, sometimes playing with me- sometimes warning me of an impending difficult time and telling me to be strong or sometimes just protecting me.

I always knew that I had a bigger purpose in life than just living an inconsequential life. I got lot of signs through dreams and through my mother who, being a clairvoyant and psychic, would always tell me that I had to do something where I could help others in a deeper spiritual way; however I could never find the right path or the correct way on how to do it.

The dreams and sporadic psychic thoughts were the only way by which I could feel that there was more to my connection to God than just what I had seen so far. Like many others, I also felt that if I went into this spiritual world deeper, how will the people in my life like my friends or acquaintances or even distant family react to it; although my close family was very encouraging and positive about it; but I was more concerned about the other people(like they mattered more). Now when I look back perhaps I feel I wasn’t ready to delve into spirituality and that’s why such thoughts held so much of importance to me at that time.

When the time came where I could take the step ahead and walk towards my spiritual path, I was helped by a gentleman who my mother introduced me to. He guided me how I could find my purpose. I firmly believe, as I have seen it happen in my life, that when we are willing to achieve the purpose of our life, we meet the right people, we do the right things and we go in the right direction.

How I embarked on my Spiritual Journey

When I started my meditations, I began with no expectations, whether I’ll get an answer or not or if I’ll have an exact plan ready of how I wanted to take my life further- somehow I stopped myself from thinking about these questions; I just plunged into it, with just one thought that whatever I’ll get it will be good for me and I’ll be happy with it. Initially I did face difficulty in concentrating or focusing but within couple of days I had a beautiful experience where I felt extreme happiness something that was beyond this world. I can easily say that I had an out worldly experience from which I just didn’t want to come out – the emotion of happiness was so strong that I wanted to be in that feeling and just did not want to wake up from my meditation.

After going through this experience, I could comprehend what the Monks or some of our Sadhus feel when they go in deep meditation and won’t wake up; the eternal bliss from which nobody would like to come out. However, I was given that experience and then brought out also as I had to be in this world, to experience the life around me and help people in this world. This is where my purpose became clear.

As I sat for my meditations regularly, I started getting guidance through thoughts which have helped me in putting my purpose to action. I know these thoughts come from a divine level that has not only showed me the way but also has helped me to coach, counsel, guide and heal others.

I firmly believe that The God or the Supreme Energy that guides me is The Healer – The Counselor - The Coach and much more who works through me!

Thank you and I welcome the opportunity to meet you!