Ektaa as a counselor

New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings… - Lao Tzu

An inner journey where you walk on the path that you create with the help of your counselor or therapist which brings your emotions and intellect in harmony with each other; leads to making your world more joyful and meaningful

Ektaa, a member of the International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors and Therapists, has been providing counseling and therapy sessions on many areas for individuals of varied age groups.

Counseling is an effective approach to highlight and seek solutions in areas such as Relationships, Child Development, Emotions & Mental Wellbeing or Career Growth. The role of a counselor is to enable you to explore many aspects of your life, thoughts and feelings, by talking explicitly and freely. At times this kind of conversation is not feasible with family or friends, who are likely to judge or have opinions or have emotional responses which may lead to an unfavorable counselling session. Ektaa, however, has an inherent quality of creating comfortable and compassionate environment where you can share your innermost thoughts and seek solutions in the most fair and objective way.

Ektaa’s counselling and therapy sessions are focused towards, enabling you to look at your situation from an outcome based approach and, empowering you to make your decisions work for you. All discussions in a counseling or therapy session are kept confidential and you may discuss anything that’s on your mind.