energy healer and spiritual guide

Ektaa has a distinctive gift to understand the energy profile of individuals (long distance or in person), and that gives her a clear picture of what the root cause of the problem is. Once the root cause is identified, Ektaa transfers the healing energies with the help of divine intervention and through deep meditation of the Divine.

Emotional Healing

“We are what we are and who we are primarily because of our emotions.”

Signs that show that you are in need of Emotional Healing –

  • You feel Depressed or stressed out
  • You feel anxious and get panic attacks
  • You don’t get enough sleep
  • You are addicted to alcohol, drugs, excessive smoking or any other undesirable habits
  • You are a victim of your fears or phobias
  • Your past memories or bad memories still traumatize you
  • You intend to develop and enhance your personality by improving or transforming your certain behaviors and/or habits

If even one of the above statements holds true for you, then Emotional Healing can help and bring innumerable positive changes in your life.

There are times when you may feel particularly drained out and low on energy, and that’s when you need emotional healing. Emotional hurt can affect our mental wellbeing and manifest as physical disease or pain.

Ektaa has been relentlessly involved in creating and developing individuals who are emotionally strong by empowering them with the energy to take control of their lives.

Physical Healing

A lot of our physical problems crop up from the emotions or certain blocks which get formed in our body due to past experiences that our mind, body or soul goes through which leads to the formation of particular aches or pains in our body.

There are many scientific evidences that show that thoughts, thought patterns, mental and spiritual states are directly related to wellness and healing. With the modern science advancing and finding solutions to certain deep rooted medical issues, it has been established that trauma at times even changes DNA, and is handed down from two to three generations. Medical professionals are also becoming conscious to the fact that wellness and healing is a holistic process that involves healing the person as a whole.

Ektaa has been instrumental in helping people to relieve psychosomatic pains and chronic pains such as Migraines & Sciatica Pain, Neck and Shoulder Tension Buildup, Joint and Knee related issues. She has also been deeply involved with Cancer patients and Childless families.

After the healing session, you will feel

  • Relieved from any heaviness especially from the part of your body which may be in pain
  • Physically lighter and Joyful
  • Energized
  • Self Empowered
  • Refreshed and ready to Accept Positivity.

Financial Healing

Financial Independence and Financial Abundance plays a significant role in our lives, Money issues can create great stress in our lives. At times when you are stuck with money issues, you may develop lot of fears that in turn create blockages; which lead to attaining financial freedom even more difficult.

If you have negative thoughts and emotions concerning your finances, you are creating a reality that matches the negativity.

Financial Stress – Overcoming it and Clearing Negative Energy around it

Ektaa, over the past several years, with her intuitive and psychic energy healing, has helped many individuals to gain financial freedom, relieve themselves of all the fears related to money issues and attain strong finances.

Relationship Healing

  • Do you feel your relationship with your spouse/partner is getting distanced and is no longer happier?
  • You don’t want to be in a relationship with your significant other
  • You want to heal from a relationship that has just recently ended
  • In your professional life, even if you are most cordial with your peers or boss, you still are not able to maintain and develop positive relationships with them?
  • You feel that somehow all your friendships are growing apart
  • You don’t share a great relationship with your parents and want to heal the relationship
  • Your relationship with your teenage or young adult children is becoming sour with time

If you answered even one of the statements as yes, Relationship Healing by Ektaa can certainly benefit you in a big way.

Relationships are an integral part for leading a happy life. These relationships can be with your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your children, your friends, your colleagues, your clients, your neighbors and so on. Some play a very important role wherein we cannot live without those relationships, some are not so important yet we still need those to maintain and have a complete life.

Ektaa’s approach towards relationship healing revolves around creating and nurturing successful relationships in your life. It is important to understand that each relationship is a combination of energies between people. Issues in a relationship occur when there is an imbalance in the energies created because of insecurities, fears, power/ego etc.

Ektaa helps in indentifying such areas of weaknesses or imbalances in energies among people going through relationship issues. With the help of her divine wisdom and intuitive energy healing gift she has helped many and continues to help individuals for all kinds of relationship concerns. Ektaa’s work revolves around solving family and relationship issues by resolving conflicts to avoid separation or divorce.

Space Clearing

Energies being everywhere have a great influence on the spaces you occupy, be it residential or work and business. These energies that your spaces carry can create blockages which may cause certain disruptions in your home or work.

If you’re moving into a new home or work area or your space is filled with chaos and turmoil , then it’s time to have space Cleansing done in such areas.

Ektaa’s healing energies help in cleansing any such negative energy whether at home or work which have a negative impact on the people occupying these spaces. When she sits and does divine meditations in such spaces, the energy that flows through her cleanses the area and removes all the negative vibrations and blockages. The effect of the meditation is almost instantaneous and there is a feeling of lightness that prevails in the area.

Energizing Spaces with Divine Vibrations

The meditation that Ektaa does in areas with low and negative vibrations not only removes all the unfavorable energies but also energizes the spaces with immense positive energies. This helps in creating a happy and positive environment for all those occupying the space and helping them take control of their lives.

Space Cleansing and Energizing Consultations are done on-site where Ektaa draws out all the stuck energy and instills divine vibrations creating a healthy and happy ecosystem.

Space Cleansing and Energizing services:

  • Homes or Offices requiring Energy Renovation
  • Shifting to a New Home or New Workplace
  • Newly constructed Spaces
  • Married Couples starting afresh in New Spaces together

Entity Clearing And Building Protective Shield

Any kind of negativity whether in the emotional, physical or mental area, makes you weak and vulnerable towards more negativity. When you are negatively driven, you tend to attract more negative energies. These negative energies can sometimes also be in the form of entities.

The effect, from the energy of these entities, can differ from person to person, but some common effects are loss of energy, intensified negative emotions, increase in chaos, turmoil and confusions, unnecessary loss or damages etc.

Have you ever felt, after coming back home from a party or a pub or someone’s house, you feel low emotionally, or get sick immediately or feel disoriented and not feel good at all. Well, it may be that you got affected by some entity which is basically negative energy that got attached to your energy field. It is important to know that they attach more easily only when your energy levels are low or exhausted.

Ektaa’s way of treating such issues involves removing the entity completely from you or the space it may be living in and also building a protective shield so that you or the space never attract any such negative energies.