children and youth transformation

Children And Youth Transformation

Transforming Children to Encourage, Inspire and Bring Happiness!

Children at times need support and help to work out how to move ahead or deal with things in life. They are learning at all times. Child Transformation tools give right guidance and plenty of encouragement through which kids develop confidence, determination, resilience and effective emotional intelligence. Once children are empowered with all this intelligence, it becomes a part of who they are, which stays with them for the rest of their life. It helps in creating a shield against pain and a guide towards happiness and success.

Whether it’s a child or a teenager or a young adult, as they begin their independent lives in school or colleges where they are out of the protective shelter of their homes and parents; they may become vulnerable and may need support to make the right choices in their lives. Ektaa aims at facilitating you with a foundation for supporting, nurturing and comforting children so that they can be equipped to deal with life’s curve balls with confidence.

Ektaa’s methodology of Life Transformation for children and youth deals in three aspects –

Being Happy – Every person deserves to be happy even when the life gets tough, to see an opportunity in every challenge makes you different from others. Children or teenagers need support when times get tough so that they can see their learning in every challenge.

To Encourage – Children need motivation to make positive choices and use their strengths to reach their utmost potential and take informed and right decisions.

To Inspire – It’s important to kindle a child’s spirit especially if they have had a challenging or a difficult phase in their lives; they deserve to have all the required support to reach for their dreams and become an inspiration for others.

Through the Transformation program, Ektaa intends to aim your kids well being and also provide parents with the appropriate tools to support their kids. By working with both parents and kids, it helps the parents to support the kids long after they finish their sessions.

What kids or youth gain from the session?

  • More Self confidence
  • Internal self drive
  • Better relationships with parents
  • Better relationships with siblings
  • Better relationships with teachers
  • More acceptance and tolerance
  • Understanding themselves and their feelings
  • Techniques to regulate your emotions
  • Good time management skills
  • Increased level of understanding and responsibility

What kids or youth gain from the session?

  • A great sense of achievement
  • Better relationships with the kids
  • More acceptance and tolerance
  • Understanding themselves and their feelings
  • A good understanding of their kids and their feelings
  • Techniques to regulate your emotions
  • Some useful techniques to help their children manage their emotions

Transformation Format

The coaching sessions for kids or teenagers are delivered in any of the following ways

Option 1 – Individual “3+1” session – where a fixed 3 sessions of one hour each are conducted with the child or the teenager. One final session is conducted for parents where the summary and findings are shared along with some techniques that parents can use at home.

Option 2 – Consistent One-on-One coaching sessions of 1.5 hrs for a consistent approach towards building certain aspects in the personality of the child.

Option 3 – A combination of Option 1 and Option 2

Ektaa’s approach is to focus on solution instead of the problem. She works from an outcome frame where the emphasis is to help the child grow and work on the strengths instead of looking at elements to fix the child.