ektaa as a healer and a spiritual guide

Energy is within us and outside of us. Our emotions, thoughts, perceptions, experiences all carry energies which may take us forward or pull us down. Creating energy levels that are strong and positive however will only take us forward and higher - Ektaa

Energy Healing is all about balancing the energies around us and within us. Any physical ailment, relationship issues, or any mental/psychological concerns are a result of these energies being imbalanced.

There are many scientific evidences that show that thoughts, thought patterns, mental and spiritual states are directly related to wellness and healing. With the modern science advancing and finding solutions to certain deep rooted medical issues, it has been established that trauma at times even changes DNA, and is handed down from two to three generations. Medical professionals are also becoming conscious to the fact that wellness and healing is a holistic process that involves healing the person as a whole.

Ektaa has a distinctive gift to understand the energy profile of individuals (long distance or in person), and that gives her a clear picture of what the root cause of the problem. Once the root cause is identified, Ektaa transfers her healing energies to address the problem.

Ektaa’s healing session focuses on restoring and replenishing the energies affecting your mind, body or soul. She helps in making you access your full potential, becoming physically and mentally stronger, and attracting and maintaining happy relationships. She does this by energizing you or by removing the blockages or barriers that may be stopping you from achieving all the good things in life.

For all of you, who are looking for finding your own spiritual path or need guidance in your own spiritual journey, Ektaa has helped many and continues to facilitate in defining your purpose in life. By helping you to deepen your relationship with the Divine to attain divine wisdom, insight for problem solving and spiritual growth, she can help your soul on its journey.

Be it physical, mental, psychosomatic or spiritual, her healing touch and counselling is sure to help you with any problem.