Wellness and Life Coaching

“Life and Wellness coaching is all about asking the right questions, and then empowering you with the right tools and techniques to answer those questions.”

As a Wellness and Life coach, Ektaa collaborates with Business leaders, Executives, professionals or individuals to support and help in realizing their goals.

She combines her understanding of coaching and NLP with her intuitive wisdom to help you make positive, lasting changes while creating wellness in all facets of your life.

Her unique methodology involves transforming and facilitating you to discover what works for you and what doesn’t so that you are able to fulfill your desires. At every step she works with you to eliminate any obstacles or blocks that may come your way. She partners with you all the way to the accomplishment. This entire process allows you to unleash your potential and go above it while achieving a new satisfactory one especially created by you, is what will bring you holistic feeling of happiness and fulfillment. With the relevant NLP tools and techniques, she facilitates her clients to grow and maximize their strengths, amplify their capabilities and accomplish their goals.

Ektaa’s work in various Dimensions of Wellness


  • Creating Wellness goals and developing healthy habits
  • Relieving Psychosomatic issues


  • Creating Emotional balance
  • Addressing Emotional and Psychological issues such as
    • Anxiety/ Panic Attack
    • Sleep Disorder
    • Addictions
    • Depression/Stress Management
    • Fears, Phobias, Trauma, Bad Memories


  • Guiding and supporting to explore spiritual core
  • Accessing Spiritual Wellness


  • Achieving Professional or Personal Goals
  • Enabling Higher Performance
  • Facilitating Businesses to become a Bigger Success


  • Building Confidence and Public Speaking
  • Increasing Focus and Enhancing Memory
  • Developing Convincing and Persuasion Skills


  • Developing positive and strong relationships personally and professionally
  • Improving Behavior and Un-resourceful Habits
  • Solving issues through specific Conflict Resolution techniques