Anupama Bhasin Banaik

I attended Ekta Sibal’s spiritual cleansing workshop. This was my first time so I went without any expectations. But as soon as I entered I got very positive vibes and when she started speaking, I got many answers to my unspoken questions. She asked us to follow certain techniques in meditation which were very doable. And the last step of the workshop takes the cake. She cleansed each one of us after listening patiently to our problems.My personal experience was awesome as I felt so light and relaxed as I had been filled up with so much stress and negativity.She taught me to look life in a different perspective which would help me in leading a happy life. Will try and imbibe her teachings and look forward to more such sessions with her. I thank my Lord that this could happen and I could experience this.....Anu Banai

Anshu Morarka Khurana 

Like any other person, I had subconscious stress due to which, I was regularly falling sick with headaches, stomach issues etc. Ektaa helped me in realizing that, got me through with her spiritual guidance. She has also been a great counselor and my go to person. She is a big help with my kids also. My son has allergy issues and she has helped a lot.

Param Bhandari

I have known Ektaa for some years now, if I were to pen it down professionally, there shall be no iota of doubt to say that she is gifted - 6Th sense. The more positive experience as I have shared is her gifted ability to Chanel it out and utilise on others via her healing. To all my experiences whenever I have met her, spoken to her, I always feel calmer lighter and no problem seems to prevail much gravity thereafter.As a Counsellor, yet again she’s been par over in scaling to the very roots on numerous human behaviour and spectrums. And On all occasions she has come out with complete clarity on the matters to people and resolved it, transformed us - leaving us with happiness, and smiles.I wish her the very best in her abilities and superior gifts and may she continue her journey relentless as she is...!!!!!

Anil Kumar Goel


Thank you for the healing and guided meditation session. Now I know that even the greatest emotional and physical abuse can be healed by being our own liberator and without to wait for any body else. Becoming aware, taking control of our life, becoming free, forgiving, forgetting and forging forward. Learning from past problems and making them opportunities for growth. I am a calmer and saner person now after attending your session. Thank you again

Nupur Swarup

When I first met her, few years back I could see the divine grace and blessing in her. I kept looking at her for she looked so graceful. As time passed I knew her more as an excellent person and a good human .She had been so caring,helpful and great guide. She is so blessed, simple and honest ,always as an angel by your side . She made me understand what I always doubted, which made me more strong. I will always thank her for being there

Sonal Narang  - Athlete Relations, Sports Authority of India

The universe brought Ektaa into my life when I needed her and I’ve been grateful ever since. From my first session with Ektaa, I’ve been able to dig down into the layers of my life and align myself with my true intentions. Her guidance and knowledge has kept me honest to myself and I’ve consistently moved forward in areas of my life that I’ve focused and worked on with her. All three of my sessions I had with Ektaa were amazing and I’ve never felt better in years. She truly wants to help people help themselves to overcome blocks, negative thoughts, fears, challenges and so on.  She has a unique way of explaining present situations so anyone can easily understand where she’s coming from. I am truly, deeply thankful for Ektaa’s wisdom, integrity and clarity. She is truly a blessing in disguise. 

Name With held on request

She came into my life as a mystic force during a time when I had lost all confidence in my internal strength and myself.Ekta was able to navigate with me through the different terrains of growing up, relationships and balance so beautifully and in a simplistic manner. Today I am able to look past any limiting beliefs and even look at tough situations with a pinch of salt and on the lighter side. I have a better understanding of who I am and what I would want out of life. Even my relationships not just with my significant other but also with friends and family seem to have improved manifold. I’d never be able to thank her enough.

Dattatreya Ghosh

Well,I had been affected by dark forces .After a session with Ektaa Mam,I feel somewhat lighter .+ Earlier whenever I Bent my neck , immediately The the arteries of the hand would start vibrating but ,now no more....It's normal.Her approach is universal, secular, free of any specific religious rituals and does not come into conflict with any religion's beliefs.So,I highly recommend anyone seeking alternative medicine therapy to seek her

Kanika Monga

Ekta’s workshop on spiritual cleansing was very inspiring. She spoke very well and motivated everyone on topics such as positive energy, gratitude and meditation which is really required in today’s hectic life. The best part was the individual session which was excellent. Her healing touch was amazing and highly recommended to anyone who needs it !