Space Clearing

Energies being everywhere have a great influence on the spaces you occupy, be it residential or work and business. These energies that your spaces carry can create blockages which may cause certain disruptions in your home or work. If you’re moving into a new home or work area or your space is filled with chaos and turmoil , then its time to have space Cleansing done in such areas.

Ektaa’s healing energies help in cleansing any such negative energy whether at home or work which have a negative impact on the people occupying these spaces. When she sits and does divine meditations in such spaces, the energy that flows through her cleanses the area and removes all the negative vibrations and blockages. The effect of the meditation is almost instantaneous and there is a feeling of lightness that prevails in the area.

Energizing Spaces with Divine Vibrations

The meditation that Ektaa does in areas with low and negative vibrations not only removes all the unfavorable energies but also energizes the spaces with immense positive energies. This helps in creating a happy and positive environment for all those occupying the space and helping them take control of their lives.

Space Cleansing and Energizing Consultations are done on-site where Ektaa draws out all the stuck energy and instills divine vibrations creating a healthy and happy ecosystem.

Space Cleansing and Energizing services:

  • Homes or Offices requiring Energy Renovation
  • Shifting to a New Home or New Workplace
  • Newly constructed Spaces
  • Married Couples starting afresh in New Spaces together