Physical Healing

A lot of our physical problems crop up from the emotions or certain blocks which get formed in our body due to past experiences that our mind, body or soul goes through which leads to the formation of particular aches or pains in our body.

There are many scientific evidences that show that thoughts, thought patterns, mental and spiritual states are directly related to wellness and healing. With the modern science advancing and finding solutions to certain deep rooted medical issues, it has been established that trauma at times even changes DNA, and is handed down from two to three generations. Medical professionals are also becoming conscious to the fact that wellness and healing is a holistic process that involves healing the person as a whole.

Ektaa has been instrumental in helping people to relieve psychosomatic pains and chronic pains such as Migraines & Sciatica Pain, Neck and Shoulder Tension Buildup, Joint and Knee related issues. She has also been deeply involved with Cancer patients and Childless families.

Ektaa has a distinctive gift to understand the energy profile of individuals (long distance or in person), and that gives her a clear picture of what the root cause of the problem is. Once the root cause is identified, Ektaa transfers her healing energies to address the issue.

After the healing session, you will feel

  • Relieved from any heaviness especially from the part of your body which may be in pain
  • Physically lighter and Joyful
  • Energized
  • Self Empowered
  • Refreshed and ready to Accept Positivity.