Entity Clearing And Building Protective Shield

Any kind of negativity whether in the emotional, physical or mental area, makes you weak and vulnerable towards more negativity. When you are negatively driven, you tend to attract more negative energies. These negative energies can sometimes also be in the form of entities. The effect, from the energy of these entities, can differ from person to person, but some common effects are loss of energy, intensified negative emotions, increase in chaos, turmoil and confusions, unnecessary loss or damages etc.

Have you ever felt, after coming back home from a party or a pub or someone’s house, that you have picked some kind of energy and you don’t feel good about it. Well, it may be that you got affected by some entity which is basically negative energy that got attached to your energy field. It is important to know that they attach more easily only when your energy levels are low or exhausted.

Ektaa’s way of treating such issues involves removing the entity completely from you or the space it may be living in and also building a protective shield so that you or the space never attract any such negative energies.