Emotional Healing

“We are what we are and who we are primarily because of our emotions.”

Emotions have an immense impact on your moods, life and day in general. There are times when you may feel particularly drained out and low on energy, and that’s when you need emotional healing. Emotional hurt can affect our mental wellbeing and manifest as physical disease or pain.

Signs that show that you are in need of Emotional Healing –

  • You feel Depressed or stressed out
  • You feel anxious and get panic attacks
  • You don’t get enough sleep
  • You are addicted to alcohol, drugs, excessive smoking or any other undesirable habits
  • You are a victim of your fears or phobias
  • Your past memories or bad memories still traumatize you
  • You intend to develop and enhance your personality by improving or transforming your certain behaviors and/or habits

If even one of the above statements holds true for you, then Emotional Healing can help and bring innumerable positive changes in your life.

Ektaa’s healing energies focus upon creating a harmonious emotional balance. Her healing sessions on creating Emotional Harmony brings you closer to understanding your emotions, feelings and thoughts and balances it in such a way that it brings out the best in you. When your emotions are balanced, your feelings and thoughts are bound to be positive leading you to become emotionally successful.

Ektaa has been relentlessly involved in creating and developing individuals to become emotionally strong by empowering them with the healing energy by helping to take control of their lives.